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37degree: Data-backed Social Media Management Service

Founded in 2011, 37degree gives more focus to content management , similar to another media management company Social Touch. But, it also offers customer management services and data analyzing reports.

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37degree: Data-backed Social Media Management Service

The Touch of Man

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The Touch of Man

Lutron Releases New Apple

RadioRA 2 Entry Keypad

Coopersburg, PA (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics is pleased to introduce the Lutron Home Application, which provides control of lights and shades, including the new RadioRA 2 total light control system, via an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Lutron Home Application provides control of a RadioRA 2 system over a Wi-Fi network and requires RadioRA 2 Software version 3.1.14 or higher. RadioRA 2 Software is available only to qualified installers.

The application is available now, free of charge, on iTunes®.

Also new to RadioRA 2 is an Away Mode feature that lets users simulate occupancy while away from home by automatically turning lights on and off and controlling shades. Also new is the ability to create additional timeclock modes for controlling the system during holidays or other special events, like Shabbat. These modes can be activated from any system keypad and from the new Lutron Home iPhone Application.

The new Away Mode feature provides energy savings and convenience – allowing users to only use lights that are needed for a specific event or activity – and to dim lights or turn them off when not needed. The Away Mode feature requires RadioRA 2 Software version 3.1.14 or higher.

About Lutron Electronics (www.lutron.com)

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures lighting controls and automated window treatments for residential and commercial applications. Lutron products save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an eco-friendly addition to the home and office.

Corporate Contact

Melissa Andresko

Senior Public Relations Manager

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.



Agency Contact

Stephanie Herzfeld

Media Relations Specialist

Carmichael Lynch Spong



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Last Front: Europe, a New iPhone Game brings Expansive Game Play and User Content Creation Tools for iPhone and iPod touch users, Now Available on iTunes

Last Front: Europe, a New iPhone Game brings Expansive Game Play and User Content Creation Tools for iPhone and iPod touch users, Now Available on iTunes

Last Front: Europe

Indianapolis, IN (Vocus) March 2, 2010

Plow Games announces the release of Last Front: Europe, its new game for the iPhone and iPod touch. An intense World War II strategy-based gaming experience, Last Front: Europe features some of the most expansive game play and user content creation tools ever made available to iPhone and iPod touch users. Download Last Front: Europe today and begin the fight for control of Europe.

“Among other features, Last Front: Europe is unique in that it features user-driven created content using the game’s online map editor. This allows the player to design their own content and game play and build a community of players,” says Greg Phillips, Partner Plow Games.

Last Front: Europe offers players three modes of game play, in which users can play as the British, Soviets, Germans or Americans. Featuring 16 maps spanning four historic battles of the European theater, including The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of the Bulge Last Front: Europe lets players immerse themselves in the conflicts that took place in Europe during World War II.

To play, users create a username that tracks their progress in the game and in the Last Front community at http://www.lastfrontgame.com. Players can customize their accounts as well and earn historical awards, ranks, and honors for their personnel profile based on the nationalities of their accounts. All players start off as a Level 1 recruit, but can reach level 21 by accumulating experience. As a player levels up, units and advantages that change the dynamics of the game unlock.

The full version of Last Front: Europe has three play modes: Campaign, Battle and Online. Campaign Mode progresses the player through the 16 maps of the four regions in which the game is set and allows players to learn the game as they gain rank. Each map features different countries as both attackers and defenders, with equipment unique to each nation.

Battle Mode allows the player to play longer, more challenging games on the campaign maps, doubling the game play of each scenario. Just as in Campaign Mode, Battle Mode also allows players to select a difficulty appropriate to their skill level as well as their rank. Online Mode allows players to play timed matches for score against other players in live games.

A unique feature of Last Front: Europe is the ability to download an almost endless supply of user generated and custom maps to play in Battle Mode. A player can scroll through the maps and download a map by touching it, which will send it to their Battle Mode map library to play later. Users can also enter map codes to find a specific map quickly and easily. In addition, users can utilize tools to create and place terrain, defensive units, obstacles and starting and end points, and can even modify the attackers for a truly custom experience.

For more information about Last Front: Europe or to play the game, visit http://www.lastfrontgame.com.

About Plow Games

Founded in 2007, Plow Games, LLC, is a creative interactive software developer involved in a wide range of projects for its clients, from mobile, computer, console, and online games for consumer, advertising, and educational markets. We have worked with some of the largest game publishers and licensee companies in North America. To learn more, visit http://www.plowdigital.com.

For more information:

Greg Phillips

Phone (317) 822-7002 (x105)

Cell Phone (317) 797-4276



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New iPhone & iPod Touch Game Exemplifies True Uniqueness of the Devices

Layton, UT (PRWEB) January 13, 2009

Imagine a puzzle game where you simply flip the iPhone and everything on your game-screen drops down from one end to the other. Imagine this concept being successfully employed by three distinctly fun game modes. Imagine giving your brain a workout with a truly logical design containing symmetry comparable to the Rubik’s Cube. Imagine FLIP.

The objective in standard mode FLIP is to collect gems by matching them with other like-colored gems vertically, horizontally or a combination of the two. This may appear to be inline with puzzlers like Bejeweled, Columns, and even Bust-A-Move, but FLIP is a truly evolved form of gameplay when compared to such classics. Not only can you rotate the iPhone in any direction you see fit, but you can also use the touch screen to create a WARP, which will drop gems in place immediately and precisely.

In addition to standard mode FLIP, you can look forward to two other brain busting modes, including puzzle mode and speed mode. All three game modes in FLIP bring out the uniqueness of the iPhone as a game system. FLIP is simply not possible on any other platform, including the Nintendo DS, and even the Wii.

Along with other clever control mechanisms like the WARP, the motion sense of FLIP makes it one truly unique gem. A gem that every iPhone and iPod Touch user should have readily available for those times when fun is calling.

Main Features:

Logical, intuitive, and satisfying use of motion sensors and touch screen
Three game-modes, including Standard, Puzzle, and Speed
Local and global high scores for all three game modes
Nearly 200 brain-busting puzzles in puzzle and speed modes, virtually unlimited play and replay value in standard mode
Listen to your iPod music while playing, with or without FLIP music and sound effects on
Super fast startup, virtually no load times
Well designed dynamic 2D visuals
Suspend a game in progress and return at anytime, exactly where you left off – no extra screens, no hassles
True pick-up-and-play game
Game Mode Descriptions:

In standard mode FLIP the objective is to match like-colored gems vertically, horizontally or a combination of the two. The minimum number of gems you must match is displayed on the game-screen and increases as the game progresses.

In puzzle mode FLIP you play through a series of puzzles, called think-puzzles, which have you matching gems to pulsating-shadows of like-color. A gem must land on top of a like-colored pulsating-shadow for a valid match. As you progress through the game the puzzles become more complex.

In speed mode FLIP you play through a series of fast-paced puzzles, called speed-puzzles, which have you matching gems of like-color vertically, horizontally or a combination of the two. The minimum number of gems you must match is displayed on the game-screen and varies from puzzle to puzzle. As you progress through the game the puzzles become increasingly difficult.

For all art assets please visit http://ebattalion.com/flip or contact info (at) ebattalion (dot) com. FLIP can be downloaded on iTunes.


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