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First Global Social Media Security Council Launches, Establishes Best Practices

Proofpoint, Inc., , a leading security-as-a-service provider, and Social@Ogilvy, a worldwide practice connecting social media experts, today launched the first Social Media Security Council to help organizations …

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First Global Social Media Security Council Launches, Establishes Best Practices

Information Security: A new Community Manager w… | SecurityStreet

I wanted to take a moment to re-introduce myself: You may have seen me posting here in SecurityStreet over the years, but starting this week I am starting a new role as Rapid7's Community Manager . I've been working at

“Full Disclosure” Shutdown Raises Questions About Email Mailing Lists In The Social Media Era

Editor’s note: Tom Cross is Director of Security Research at Lancope, where he works on network behavioral anomaly detection technology. He is also the cofounder of MemeStreams, a collaborative bookmarking platform and a Signal Media subject matter adviser. In the days before Twitter, Facebook and even Friendster had arrived, a great deal of social interaction on the Internet occurred via… Read …

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“Full Disclosure” Shutdown Raises Questions About Email Mailing Lists In The Social Media Era

Social Media Security Certified Authority Theodore Henderson Trains Vulnerable Organizations to Protect Themselves …


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Social Media Security Certified Authority Theodore Henderson Trains Vulnerable Organizations to Protect Themselves …

Sound ecosystem management key to adaptation | BirdLife …

On 20-21 August 2013 the first Africa Food Security and Adaptation Conference was held at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi.

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Sound ecosystem management key to adaptation | BirdLife …

Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Selects InterAct MissionMode For Emergency Notification

Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Selects InterAct MissionMode For Emergency Notification

Winston Salem, NC (PRWEB) April 24, 2007

InterAct MissionMode, a leading emergency notification and crisis management system, has been purchased by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security as the emergency alert system supporting the repair project of the Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland. InterAct MissionMode will alert residents and tourist in the area in case of a dam breach. MissionMode is currently demonstrating the system at the Continuity Insights Conference in New Orleans, LA April 23-25, 2007, booth number 212.

Lake Cumberland is the third largest lake in Kentucky and the commonwealth’s most popular tourist attraction. Many counties in the area depend on the thousands of visitors who trek from places far and wide to enjoy this Kentucky treasure. The Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland will be undergoing a 9 million, 7-year repair project by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ to curb seepage and reduce the potential for a breach of the earthen and concrete structure.

The average emergency notification system, often referred to as “reverse 9-1-1″, enables a 9-1-1 center to send a pre-recorded message to the home phone of every resident in a specific area within minutes. However, in an era where cell phones are sometimes a resident’s only phone, that phone number won’t be on record, leaving no way for them to be reached.

The InterAct MissionMode database will be pre-loaded with all home phone numbers and will also enable citizens and visitors to the area to add other contact numbers they would like called in the event of a breach of the Wolf Creek Dam. The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security and Commonwealth of Kentucky website will have a form available where weekend tourists and campers will be able to register their phone number so that they will be alerted in case of an emergency. Local residents with cellular phones will be invited via a mass mailing to register their mobile number.

Recipients of an alert from InterAct MissionMode will receive an automated message with details and instruction on what to do, or where to go for more information. They can then acknowledge that the message has been received using the touch pad so that the state can track who has and has not been notified.

The state can also create targeted lists of individuals with common characteristics (such as a Neighborhood Crime Watch group or emergency responder teams) and contact them with additional information as needed.

Residents and visitors interested in registering for alerts can go to the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security (http://homelandsecurity.ky.gov/) or the Commonwealth of Kentucky (http://www.kentucky.gov) websites.

About InterAct Public Safety Systems

Since 1975, InterAct Public Safety Systems has been Making Connections for Life™ providing both stand-alone and fully integrated mission-critical public safety and homeland security systems and products. As the pioneers of the first three-screen E911 system 20 years ago, our passion for innovation is leading the way to Next Generation telephony, dispatch, records management, and mobile data systems. We’re extending the definition of public safety with unique applications like intelligent digital video surveillance, alert notification, and crisis management systems. InterAct is a one-stop shop and sole point of contact for large-scale custom public safety system development. InterAct makes it possible for first responders from private, state, local and national agencies to decrease response times and increase their effectiveness in the communities they serve. Learn more at http://www.interact911.com or by calling 1-800-768-3911.

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MissionMode to Offer Crisis Management Solution To Security Professionals

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2006

MissionMode Solutions, a leading crisis management and emergency notification system, today announced support of the growing trend towards Virtual Incident Command and Operation Centers. A demonstration of the benefits of the system for security teams will be available at ASIS International September 25-28 in San Diego at booth 7312.

As the world changes, the demands of emergency response teams have changed. The image that comes to mind when coordinating a team to respond to a crisis is a room filled with tables and chairs, projectors and empty coffee cups. The first task is getting that room set up. Most crises can be solved in the time it takes to get an Operations Center set up if effective communication tools are in place.

MissionMode ensures your entire team has up to the minute information on everything everyone else knows without the hindrance of location or device. Alerts with critical information can be sent to everyone in the field via phone, fax, pager, SMS, and myriad other devices. Recipients can immediately acknowledge receipt using pre-set automated options, or with a customized voice message. A teleconference can also be initiated on the fly to facilitate real-time communication.

The next task is getting the response team together, also a time-consuming prospect, and depending on the availability you may not get the A team. It is far more important to have the best people involved than the convenient people.

MissionMode creates a virtual command center that can be accessed by all recipients, or a sub-set depending on the situation. This online situation room can be populated with documents, files, and task assignments from pre-defined response plans for easy access. And team members can add information to the log as it becomes available including documents, spreadsheets and multimedia files in any format.

“People count on you to protect them, not to spend time filling out reports and duplicating efforts to keep every member of your team informed,” said Ted Collins, president and chief executive officer of MissionMode. “Emergency Operations Centers are about brains, experience and resources – not a room. What you really need are the right people to resolve a situation no matter where they are.”

Last, it is very rare that the problem requiring resolution is actually happening in that room. Someone, if not everyone, needs to be in the field solving the problem – however you also don’t want be in the field unarmed. Everyone on a response team needs access to the information in the Operations Center, even when they can’t be in the building. With MissionMode advanced communication solutions, it doesn’t matter where team members are located since they can quickly and easily access the system over the Internet, and even handheld devices.

MissionMode enables you to bring your entire Operations Center into the field with remote access to the Virtual Command Center from handheld devices. MissionMode’s revolutionary SecureView camera enables mobile surveillance. Field personnel can take pictures in the field and send them directly into MissionMode where they are only viewable by designated personnel. SecureView prevents the camera’s content from being emailed to anyone else or downloaded to any unauthorized computer.

“With the changing complexion of the world, people have to redouble their efforts to protect their people, assets and facilities – without getting tangled up in the limitations of setting up a physical operations center and trying to mobilize a team,” said Andrew J “Flip” Filipowski, chairman of MissionMode Solutions. “We can’t make the standard be that everyone has to be in the same room to start solving a problem.”

About MissionMode

MissionMode Solutions, Inc. is a technology services provider dedicated to streamlining urgent communications and facilitating team collaboration in a secure environment. MissionMode’s unique combination of alert notification and an online collaboration environment creates a virtual command center that helps private and public sector organizations reduce the time between knowing about a mission critical issue and doing something about it. MissionMode is a portfolio company of SilkRoad Equity LLC (www.silkroadequity.com), which specializes in public safety technologies amongst other high growth sectors. For more information, visit www.missionmode.com.