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Did you know facts about Facebook?

expresswithwords posted a photo: Are you a #social #media geek? The below facts about #Facebook will blow your mind.

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Did you know facts about Facebook?

Personal credibility in social media

Nowadays we often see in social media opposing entries about political figures’ views, or our Facebook friends posting photos about personal matter, or companies we follow posting about their brand.

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Personal credibility in social media

You Are Being Hunted On Social Media

Working at home has ups and downs. This morning I found myself picking a piece of Lego out of my foot that I managed to step on in the darkness, again. That coupled with the fact that I had to yet find my way to the coffee maker meant that my mood was far less than pleasant.

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You Are Being Hunted On Social Media

Finding your voice: Can a company ever be social?

We've written before about the fact that the cultural challenges of addressing social media are, for most larger companies, far greater than the technical issues. This was something which came up again recently at a workshop

REVEALED: Job requirements for the post of “Social media manager”

There is hardly an Indian politician these days who is not present on social media . Our netas have finally warmed up to the fact that social media is one of the easiest ways of connecting with people directly. However, most of

Taco Bell Vs. McDonald's – Game On « Social Media Management …

We conducted a quick social media scan starting the day Taco Bell launched the Waffle Taco to see if we could find patterns or trends in online conversation. Of course, the most generated discussion was the fact that Taco

Introduction Post: Community Management, cats and chocolate …

So without further ado – I am Elinor and I am a community manager at SolidRun. With the growing of this tight community and the fact that Solidrun's company vision and mission are community oriented, we felt it was time to

How to deal with Negative Feedback received from Social Media …

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Final Thoughts: What Is The Definition of Social Media, Anyways …

Social Media ? I'm good at that

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Final Thoughts: What Is The Definition of Social Media, Anyways …

Don't Be Scared of Social Media! « Social Media Management Blog

Are you still scared of jumping into social media for business? Despite the fact that it's taken off significantly in the last several years, there are still several companies that are nervous about joining the ranks. We've heard from