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Unités d’habitation

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Unités d’habitation

Malibu Wellness Addresses Sensitive Skin Issues with New Starter Skin Care Products

EC Mode Sensitive Skin Starter kit contains cleanser, antioxidant serum and moisturizer for daily use.

Malibu, Calif. (PRWEB) December 1, 2008

The increase in ultraviolet exposure to sun, chemical and medical pollutants in water and the overuse of cosmetics, topical creams and lotions has lead to the development of skin sensitivities in millions of Americans. To combat this growing and frustrating problem, Malibu Wellness (www.malibuwellness.com) has introduced its EC Mode Sensitive Skin Starter Kit specifically to give men and women with hyperallergic, dehydrated or sensitive skin a safe and gentle option for protecting their skin from environmental impacts and the oxidation and cell damage they cause.

Many skin care products and cosmetics, by necessity, contain preservatives, fragrances (often to cover chemical odors), synthetic antioxidant compounds, peeling agents, acne-inducing waxes and thickeners and artificial colors. These ingredients add to the “cosmetic elegance” – or first impression – of a product, but often aggravate sensitive or sensitized skin either directly by chemical interaction or through oxidation which leads to inflammation on and within the skin. Repeated exposure to these ingredients can cause the development of extreme dry skin conditions, red or inflamed skin, allergic reactions, acne, visible aging, dermatitis and chronic sensitivity.

For those who have sensitive skin, Malibu’s EC Mode Sensitive Skin Starter Kit is an excellent way to manage a daily regimen of cleansing, antioxidant protection and deep hydration with food-grade ingredients formulated into easy to use products that are guaranteed not to produce reactions or irritation.

Malibu Wellness is the only skin care manufacturer of antioxidant products containing fresh-dried, freshly activated vitamin C – provided in dry form in a packet to be mixed into the serum immediately prior to first application. This ensures full 15 percent potency when used.

Malibu’s EC Mode Sensitive Skin Starter Kit contains Malibu’s EC Mode Pure Blend Cleanser, EC Mode Vitamin C Original Serum and EC Mode Red-Less Wellness Moisturizer. Each product is packaged in Malibu’s unique airless, wasteless, vaccuum dispenser canister. When the canister is empty, it can be refilled and reused with a simple, drop in refill cylinder that is also recyclable. The Kit is a featured item in the Malibu Wellness Holiday Sale at 50 percent off its retail price. (http://www.malibuwellness.com/content/CN_Holiday_Promotions.aspx#44_)

To learn more about Malibu Wellness patented vitamin technology, visit www.malibuwellness.com or call 1-800-622-7332. Malibu Wellness products and packaging are earth-friendly and sustainable with recyclable materials and biodegradable ingredients.

Malibu Wellness was founded in 1985 to research, develop, manufacture and distribute products for hair, scalp and skin based on its patented, fresh-dried, vitamin technology. All product development, formulating and packaging are done in the U.S. at the company’s locations in Malibu and Indianapolis.