T-MODE 2004 Raises the Bar with its Vision for Anime and Gaming Conventions

(PRWEB) November 8, 2003

With its focus on console system tournament gaming, T-MODE has found a way to merge the two genres into what can only be described as spectacular. “We plan to give our guests something to remember,” said Lawrence Stuckey, convention Chairman.

“Our convention focuses on the individuals. Most conventions have gotten so large that they forget what’s important. By immersing our tournament participants and spectators into a world of spotlights, entrance music, special effects, and events, we believe our convention will give them something unique… the opportunity to be cheered as champions”.

T-MODE 2004 treats anime and gaming fans to an all-out-melee of video gaming competition, while providing all of the action and activities of anime conventions. These activities include an Animated Music Video Contest, Costuming, Video Viewing Rooms, Panels, and Guests to name just a few.

This yearÂ’s gaming competitions will include the ever popular Tekken 4, Soul Callibur II, Tekken Tag Tournament and Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. The champions of these events will also be recognized by Twin Galaxies, the official score keepers of the gaming world.

Additional information about prizes, registration, events, hotel information, and guests can be found at their website: www.endgametournaments.com

EndGame Tournaments’ mission is to provide a competitive, exciting gaming experience for its gamers, while promoting an atmosphere of electricity and fair play.

Moreover, by providing a level of customer service and commitment that far exceeds the industry standard, they are confident that T-MODE will be the most recognized entertainment gaming event in the DC metropolitan area.