Ground Breaking VOIP Communications Tool

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) February 1, 2005

New York HotConference® is the most innovative and reliable conferencing software available on the Internet today. Use it to enhance your business and improve your bottom line by reducing travel costs and eliminating long-distance charges. Keep everyone in your organization in the information loop, in real-time, whether they’re in their office or on the road.

New York HotConference® is a feature-rich communications tool that uses VoIP, or “Video over Internet Protocol”, a revolutionary technological innovation that makes it possible to use an Internet connection to talk to anyone, anywhere. This will change the way you think about–and pay for–long-distance phone service

“Its like striking gold literally.” States Richy Craig, a Conference software provider with his live demonstration websites at I initially bought conferencing software to help me train my team for my primary business. Now, because it helps me train people so much more efficiently, I now market conference software to companies in about the same amount of time. People definitely want it.”

New York HotConference®, the brainchild of Richy Craig / Kiosk, is a unique product in that it fills two marketing needs as a business and communication solution. It uses VoIP technology that helps marketers organize their business communications and their time in order to be more productive. It eliminates the need to travel and rack up long distance telephone charges.

Savvy marketers realize that the main features Interactive whiteboard, Real-time application sharing, Text chat, Audio, and Webcam, File transfer, Multiple presentation modes, Moderator functions, Password protection, Unparalleled and unlimited technical support, 128-bit SSL encryption that make our software the most affordable, innovative, and reliable conferencing software available on the Internet today.

Standard mode: No presentation mode is active. Guests and moderators can use the browser to visit Websites independently of each of other.

Follow me mode: This is the first level of presentation. The presentor can visit pages and activate the whiteboard. Guests see what the presentor sees but they do not control the browser.

Soft presentation mode: Same as follow me mode except that now, the address bar in the browser is not shown to guests. This is great for visiting competitor Websites and content that is not for public access.

Medium presentation mode: We step it up a notch. The address bar is hidden to guests and the text chat is off. This is for instances where you want people to follow the presentation before asking questions or participating.

Hard presentation mode: Full screen mode. Guests only see the browser or whiteboard.

Whiteboard mode: Draw shapes, write, illustrate. You can even use the whiteboard functions directly on a web page!

Deliver PowerPoint presentations with full audio and video features. Conference participants can listen to your presentation while viewing the slides. You control the show.

New York HotConference® provides internationally renowned, top-notch customer support through the live 24hour help desk, e-mail form, and conference support rooms. Staff are available in many different parts of the world to meet the needs of the international community.

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